About ShortKeys


ShortKeys is a text replacement utility to insert blocks of text into other applications by simply typing a few user defined keystrokes. Anytime that keystroke combination (shortkey) is typed, it is replaced with the text assigned to that shortkey.


Create virtually an unlimited number of shortkeys per file. More than one file may be loaded at the same time. There is a limit of approximately 65,000 characters of replacement text per shortkey.


How it works
ShortKeys is easy to use. You can be up and running in no time. Only three steps are required to quickly create and run a shortkey macro.

1.Select a few characters for the shortkey activation.

2.Type or paste the text to play back into ShortKeys – a word, phrase, paragraph or pages of text.

3.Type the shortkey and watch it insert the expanded text into your application.


Activation Methods
The Prefix Key method allows up to two characters be typed before the shortkey. For example, if a prefix of ## was assigned, then type ## plus the shortkey to insert the replacement text. This makes it unlikely to accidentally activate a shortkey, since ## would rarely, if ever, be typed before any text.
The Suffix Key method requires typing the shortkey and pressing either the Space Bar or the Enter key to activate the shortey macro. Punctuation keys such as . , : ; ? ! and - may optionally be used as a suffix key.



Playback Options

Choose how the shortkey text play backs.

Paste text through the clipboard to maximize playback speed of long text strings.

Have the text type out through the keyboard. Optionally adjust the playback speed.

Play back in rich text format with different font types, sizes, colors, etc.


Save time with ShortKeys

ShortKeys will pay for itself after just a few hours of increased productivity.

Automate tedious and repetitive typing.

Insert blocks of text effortlessly. Type a couple of characters to play back many.

Eliminate typing errors and the need to go back and make corrections.

Reduce boredom and fatigue to make you more productive.



Using the help file

When running ShortKeys and a program window appears, press the F1 key to activate the help file and view the topic pertaining to the open window.