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Customer Testimonials
"I love ShortKeys for editing documents and for grading papers. It saves hours of time." --Linda A., NY
"ShortKeys is a modern sales person's must-have tool - it is the first software I install after MS Windows on new workstations for my team."
--Eric Melin
  Melin & Company, LLC
"I've been using ShortKeys for about 18 months now and cannot thank you enough for the hours this saves me every week. I am an online teacher and I grade many things over and over again. While many things are personalized, much of it is repetitive and having shortkeys has saved my sanity many days (especially at the busy term's end!). Thank you so very much!!" --Lindsay S., AR
"I would like to say that Shortkeys is a great tool, and I've been very happy with it. I set this up for my team at work (20+ people) about a year ago, and it has been a lifesaver. Working in a customer support business, where scripts are often repeated, having Shortkeys installed has saved us countless hours." --Jason K., IL
"I want to express how much I appreciate ShortKeys and what a time saver this program is. I have used ShortKeys for some time now and prior to learning of your program, I spent hours typing and retyping the same information on a daily basis. The benefit is phenomenal. I can type in the shortkey prefix and instantly have my prepared response appear. Then, within seconds I have customized the general comment to meet a current studentís question or forum response. Grading forums has also become much quicker as well. Thank you for your support and time saving program. If you doubled the software program price, it would still be worth purchasing." --C. Brandt Smith, Jr., Ph.D.
"I'm telling ALL my new coworkers about this program. We are Project Managers and type a lot of the same stuff over and over. I don't know how I'd survive without my short keys!" --Jennie, SC
"ShortKeys helps me immensely with my Online teaching, especially when commenting on student discussions and when grading papers. For repetitive and frequently used sentences and paragraphs, ShortKeys can't be beat. Many thanks from a very satisfied user." --Ken L., CA
"A colleague introduced Shortkeys to me 10 years ago and it is one of the best productivity tools ever! We used it through our entire organization to send canned, personal responses to emails and ensure everyone uses consistent messaging and language. When you have email or chat intensive positions, it can easily save 2 - 3 hours per day per worker. If your customer support workers make $15 per hour, Shortkeys has paid for itself in the first hour. After that, it's saving you hundreds of dollars per week per worker. Now that I've started a new business in real estate, I use it every day and require my virtual assistants to use it too. For productivity junkies like me, it's essential. I wish I could install it on my phone & tablet."
--Dave Zirnhelt
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"Shortkeys is a great little program. I cannot live without it. I will be using it as long as I am alive and computing." --Michele C., CA
"I am a one handed individual and I LOVE ShortKeys, saves me so much time you have no idea!! Brilliant product!!!!" --J.L., KS
"Thanks a lot!! Love this product and when it's off, I can't type any more!! :)" --John S., AZ
"Hi, love you, love you, love you. I'm a teacher and I type the same thing a 100 times a day. You are saving hours of my life. Thank you." --Trish L., WA
"I am a licensed user of ShortKeys and I have been for several years. I want you to know that ShortKeys is just about the best program ever. In fact, I haven't been able to work without it. It is just simply awesome. Thanks." --Daniel R., CA
"I would like to sincerely thank you for your prompt response and solution for my short keys issue. It is a pleasure doing business with your company. I will continue to highly recommend your product to people, and advise them of your excellent customer service. Thanks again!" --P. Corso
"If you ... sell on the Internet, or on eBay, or just regularly type the same phrases; ShortKeys can save you so much time." --Malcom Perkins, UK   Read More
"For the record, this is the most useful Software I have ever used. I use it all day, every day and when I start to calculate how much time I save per day, then week, then year, I'm astounded at just what good value it was." --Davis C., Australia
"Let me tell you this... ShortKeys ROCKS! It's one of those silent behind the scenes tools that saves me hundreds of hours and lots of keystrokes throughout the year. I've been using for 3 years (started with lite) ... and love it." --JP M., Texas
"I cannot begin to count the number of times a week I bless whoever invented ShortKeys. This is an absolutely fabulous time-saver ... and frustration-soother ... and hands-down the best money I've spent on anything related to my computer in the past five years." --Rebecca B., New Mexico
"ShortKeys has saved me mountains of time. One of the best products we use!" -- Gerry, Canada
"What can I say? Just BRILLIANT! I have just d/l the ShortKeys lite version, installed it and now am running it! Its simple to use and is a quick program! And it was free too, I couldn't believe it! CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU AND YOUR STAFF FOR PRODUCING A FANTASTIC PRODUCT THAT IS EASY TO USE AND SAVES THE POCKET!" --Karyn
"First program to load every morning is ShortKeys - brilliant! I have recommended this highly intelligent product to everyone. Job well done." --Roger R.
"ShortKeys is great! It is the first thing I realize I am missing when not on my primary computer...I can't work without it." --Eric M.
"I have used Macro Express and ShortKeys *every* day the last many years. I think it speeds up my work writing maybe 20% in efficency. I use ShortKey as Autotexts in Word, with the benefit to use the same autotexts in *all* applications (HTML-editors etc) and not just in MS Word. I also enjoy not to have to re-install the autotext in Word, every time I reinstall Office." --Michael K., Denmark
"I hope you're selling this to the transcribing industry. We're the people who use it most -- court, legal and medical transcriptionists. This program is amazing. I have ShortKeys 2000 at home. I'm telling everyone I know who works in my industry to use your program!" --Luceil A. M.
"ShortKeys has been an indispensable tool for me. I do a lot of repetitive typing and this tool has cut my workload by 75%. Thanks!" --Richard M.
"A wonderful tool. Sure beats repetitive typing, especially for a two finger typist! The ideal thing for my small internet business." --Doug P., NM
"This is an almost indispensable tool for anyone spending hours at a computer keyboard. Will not be without it if I can help it. This is one of the first things I miss when I have to work on someone else's machine." --Jerry H.
"This program is invaluable for anyone who wants to get a lot done on the computer. It's wonderful for storing (and making available at a keystroke) commonly used or hard to remember scripts, auto-messages, even addresses and urls. Don't be without it." --Christine O.
"Great Product"
"I work in a helpdesk. I primarily use it for repetitive typing in our ticketing system. Saves time and gets me onto the next call quickly. Call handling time dropped by 1 min on average one week after I started using it." --Anonymous
"There isn't much else to say, except that it has worked every time I've used it." --Anonymous