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Teachers, Mentors, Instructors, Educators

Shortkeys, a text replacement tool, allows educators to focus more on their students and less on data entry and repetitive, monotonous computer tasks. Used by teachers, mentors, instructors, professors, educators, secretaries and administrators to save time.

Grading Essays and Papers

Grading papers at any time of the year can be become repetitive and tiring. ShortKeys allows you to insert frequently used comments, critiques or praise by just typing a few letters. Rather than type the same thing over and over again, type a simple shortkey to do it for you:

  • ics Incomplete sentence.
  • ppmd Please provide more detail.
End of Semester Grading

ShortKeys allows instructors to create shortcut abbreviations for any of the repetitive comments used with student grades. Save significant amounts of time by typing a few letters and popping in the comment:

  • rcs - Needs to improve reading comprehension skills.
  • msi - Math skills have improved.
Email Correspondence

Frequently teachers need to correspond with students or parents via email. Much of this correspondence is repetitive in nature. Create shortkeys to reduce the amount of typing required.

  • tdk -Thank you for your participation in the discussions this past ...
  • rmr - This is a reminder that your daughter has an assignment to bring ...
"Hi, love you, love you, love you. I'm a teacher and I type the same thing a 100 times a day. You are saving hours of my life. Thank you."
--Trish L., WA
"I want to express how much I appreciate the Shortkeys and what a time saver this program is. I have used Shortkeys for some time now and prior to learning of your program, I spent hours typing and retyping the same information on a daily basis. The benefit is phenomenal.

"I can type in the shortkey prefix and instantly have my prepared response appear. Then, within seconds I have customized the general comment to meet a current student's question or forum response. Grading forums has also become much quicker as well."
--Dr. Brandt, AR
Bottom Line
Educators simplify online grading, comments and communications to students with ShortKeys. You'll love how much time it saves. Save hours off of your normal workload, freeing time for leisure, more thorough grading or preparing ahead for the next semester.

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