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Sales and Service Quotes

When providing a sales or service price quote to a customer you may notice that you use some of the same wording in many of the prepared quotes, such as standard clauses, services provided or greetings.

In order to be more efficient and provide the quotes in a more timely manner, let ShortKeys, our text expansion software, help you. Instead of typing the same clauses, phrases, introductions and services over and over, create a set of abbreviations (shortkeys) to lighten your workload.

For example, now when you need to describe the service to be provided, just type a few shortcut letters and watch ShortKeys instantly insert your description into the document or application.

If you type ShortKeys will enter this
Thank you for your interest in our product. The price for the deluxe model is ...
We are sorry for the problems you are experiencing. Our standard service rate is ...
Thank you for your interest in our ShortKeys program. The price for a 15 user license of ShortKeys 3 is $255.00.

Typically we send the license via email. For an additional $10.00 we will ship a master copy on CD-ROM.

You can purchase online at or we accept purchase orders. You can fax the PO to 866-543-6140 or email to

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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Avoid typos and spelling errors for a more professional look.
Make sure the price is right.
Produce quotes faster, saving time and allowing you to get more accomplished.

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