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Boilerplate Text, Frequent Responses, Comments or Explanations

Boilerplate Text
Practically every profession uses boilerplate text for one purpose or another. Consolidate all of your standard phrases, terminology or clauses into a set of shortkeys.

Doctors need to keep detailed records of their diagnosis and the patientís progress in recovery but after a long day of treating patients many physicians or assistants find it difficult to create detailed notes.
Nutrition Recommendations
Cardiac Diet: This diet may help reduce the clogging of arteries from fat, manage fluid retention and control blood pressure. You will need to decrease the amount of sodium (salt), saturated and trans fat and cholesterol you eat. The general diet guidelines are no more than 30% of total calories from fat and approximately 1,500 - 2,000 milligrams of sodium (salt) daily. Please talk to your doctor or dietitian to learn more about this diet.

Measure and record blood pressure several times per week. You target blood pressure is less than 130/80.

Restricted activities: no heavy lifting greater than 10lbs or soaking for 5 days.
Your Honor: The defendant is not in compliance with the terms of his/her probation as outlined in the attached OSC affidavit. We are requesting a Bench Warrant be issued. If the defendant is found in violation of probation, our recommendation is .
Real Estate
ShortKeys will help with online posting of information as well as advertising. Also many prospects that contact a real estate agent have similar questions about their listings, processes and prices. ShortKeys will eliminate monotonous tasks by answering detailed questions with only a couple of keystrokes.
* Shows Very Well! Lots of Curb Appeal! * Hardwood floors. * Secluded, Wooded Lot with Stream! * Convenient to all Areas of the Salt Lake Valley. * Won't Last long at this Price!
Yes, it's only one per student, per course -- and it's at the instructor's discretion. The only cases in which an extension must be granted is in a verifiable emergency: hospitalization, military service, natural disaster.
We have received information that you may have been involved in an automobile accident. Motorists are required by state law to carry a specific amount of automobile insurance to cover medical and pharmacy claims for accident-related injuries.
ShortKeys can insert boilerplate text where the same phrases, terms and wording are used repeatedly. Just type a few keys instead of paragraphs. Not only does this save time but it eliminates typing errors.
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