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Automatically Fix Typos/Commonly Misspelled Words

Fix common typos
When you type often and fast, you are bound to make spelling errors and typos. You can set ShortKeys to automatically correct common typos and misspelled words such as:
  • teh - the
  • adn - and
  • seperate - separate
and much more.

Import AutoCorrect from Word
To quickly create a shortkey file of commonly misspelled words and typos, import the AutoCorrect file from Word. Follow these steps to import.
  1. The first step is to locate the AutoCorrect file. It is saved to an .acl file. Perform a search of *.acl on the computer to find all AutoCorrect files. Several may be found. Look for one with the appropriate file size and date to import.

  2. Next open ShortKeys and click on File | Import | Import Word AutoCorrect File. Browse to the location of the .acl file that you found, select it and click the Open button. Follow the prompts to import the file into ShortKeys.

  3. For ShortKeys to function as AutoCorrect does in Word, open ShortKeys and click on Options > Preferences > Playback General tab. Select the Use Suffix Keys option. Also make sure that the Retype Suffix Key and Solitary Usage checkboxes are selected. Save the change.

Now, for example, when you type teh and press the space bar, the typo is changed to the correct spelling, the. Add others words to your file as needed.

Or just make a list of words you commonly misspell or mistype and enter them into ShortKeys individually.

With either option you'll soon be saving a lot of time not having to backtrack and correct typos. The ShortKeys auto-corrections take place in all Windows applications and not just Office.
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