How to Increase Employee Productivity with ShortKeys Text Expansion Software


Executive decision makers are always looking for new ways to increase productivity so that more work can be completed in a work day and the company dollars can be stretched even farther. Most corporate leaders know that they can’t treat their team like a machine and that employees can’t be pushed too hard, especially at monotonous tasks like typing, which can even result in carpal tunnel syndrome and other unpleasant conditions. There is text expansion software available that can increase the output of every employee that types similar emails and messages every day, while making their job a more pleasant experience. This is a solution that creates happier employees and equally satisfied company executives.

How does text expansion software work?

Employees that are on the keyboard all day, typing the same phrases frequently can save hours by using a text expansion utility. Text expansion utilities are small software programs that map abbreviations to longer phrases or even paragraphs. When you type the abbreviation, the program automatically expands it to the corresponding longer phrase.


If a typist has one or two standard ways of signing his or her email, like “Thanks, Brenda” or “Sincerely, Brenda”, the employee can map those signatures to abbreviations like “tb” and “sb”. This is especially helpful in industries such as sales, customer service and data entry.

How long does it take to learn?

Text expansion software training does not take very long. With every new software program, there is a learning curve. But, if shortcuts are created that are similar to the word or paragraph, and a cheat sheet is used at first, with a bit of time it becomes second nature for most employees and they will wonder how they ever managed without it. One of the most efficient ways to teach a software program is to have a group lunch hour where the new product can be discussed and demonstrated. This is a program that makes it easier for the employee so the team will be happy to find out more.

What about multiple computers?

If the team uses multiple computers or devices a text expansion utility can be purchased as a portable version. ShortKeys Portable can be installed on any portable drive that can be connected to and disconnected from a computer. These may include: a USB drive, flash drive, flash memory, thumb drive, memory stick or portable hard drive. ShortKeys Portable will run from that device instead of the local computer. This is very convenient for corporate bloggers or team members that do not have permanent seating in the office. It also makes any work from home projects easier and keeps the team using the software over holidays and vacations so that they don’t lose momentum.



When it comes to increasing productivity and helping the team focus on more important matters rather than repetitive typing, text expansion software is one of the best options to save time in the workplace.